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2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences is comprised of the Department of Social Sciences and the Department of Criminal Justice. The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences endeavors to provide every student in our courses with key elements of a social science education, emphasizing critical thought and analytical skills appropriate to the course level. The School seeks to build major and minor programs in Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, History, Political Science, Public Policy, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work in which students are prepared for graduate and professional school.

The School encourages applied and experiential learning that prepares students for careers as leaders in public service and private sector employment. To further its social science focus, the School contributes heavily to the university’s principled support of international study via intense upper level course work, general survey courses, and extensive travel abroad teaching/learning experiences, which are open to all SAU students.

       Social and Behavioral Sciences Student Focused Goals 

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences has several major goals (core values). They are to:

  • Empower students to develop ethical and moral standards through critical analysis of contemporary global issues.
  • Provide opportunities for creative learning through scholarship, internships, civic engagement, and study abroad experiences;
  • Encourage students to evaluate the consequences and implications of social phenomena.

Department of Social Sciences 

Department of Social Sciences  .


Bachelor of Arts

  • Political Science, BA
  • Sociology, BA
  • Psychology, BA

MINORS in Social & Behavioral Sciences

  • Black Politics 
  • History Minor
  • Political Science Minor
  • Public Policy Minor
  • Psychology Minor
  • Social Work
Department of Criminal Justice 

Department of Criminal Justice  .


Bachelor of Science

  • Criminal Justice, BS

 MINORS in Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice Minor
  • Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness
Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty

Department of Criminal Justice

Professor James Lyons, Chair & Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, B.S. North Carolina Central, MSCJ Michigan State University 
Professor Jonathan Glenn, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, B.S. Saint Augustine’s University, MSCJ North Carolina Central University
Professor Rosalind Fenner, Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice, B.S. Saint Augustine’s University, MSCJ John Jay School of Criminal Justice Studies

Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Beau Niles, Chair & Assistant Professor of Sociology, B.A. Cornell College, M.A. University of Florida, PhD University of Florida
Mr. Colin Adams, Assistant Professor of Psychology, B.A. Hampton University, M.A. University of Toledo, MATS Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Dr. Marnie Arkenberg, Associate Professor of Psychology, B.A. University of Nebraska at Omaha, M.A. University of Nebraska, PhD Pennsylvania State University 
Dr. Elizabeth Fournier, Associate Professor of Political Science, S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel- Hill
Mr. Alpha Njai, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Saint Augustine’s College, M.A. North Carolina Central University
Ms. Angelis Rodriquez, Assistant Professor of Social Work, BSW North Carolina State University, MSW North Carolina Central University
Mr. Birchie Warren, Adjunct Instructor of Psychology, B.A. Shaw University, M.A. North Carolina Central University, Director CAPS 
Dr. Zaphon Wilson, Professor of Political Science, Dean School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, B.A. Appalachian State University, M.A. Appalachian State University, PhD Clark Atlanta University