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2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business and Finance Information


Each spring the University notifies all students and publishes general expenses and other financial information for the next academic year. Specifically, the Tuition and Fees Schedule provides the estimated annual cost of tuition, mandatory fees, room and board and other charges for the upcoming year. Books, supplies and some special fees, such as laboratory fees are not known until the time of purchase or at registration.

The total amount for a semester is due at registration. Students with outstanding balances are not allowed to register. The Business Office sends monthly statements to students. However, students are expected to meet their financial obligations promptly and without notice. It is each student’s responsibility to inform parents or guardians of their financial status. The University reserves the right to withdraw services and accommodations, deny transcript requests, and/or place students on financial suspension if payments are not made as scheduled.


Payments may be made by Cashier’s Check, Certified Check, Money Order or the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa and American Express. The acceptance of personal checks is subject to verification.

All checks or money orders are to be made payable to SAINT AUGUSTINE’S UNIVERSITY.
Correspondence and payments should be addressed to:

Office of Business and Finance
Saint Augustine’s University
1315 Oakwood Avenue
Raleigh, North Carolina 27610-2298

  • Refunds are not made at the time of payment from checks or money orders made payable to Saint Augustine’s University. After the first day of classes, the University pays refunds as soon as possible but within l4 days of the date the credit balance occurs.
  • The Financial Aid Office must receive written notification of outside scholarships, grants and loans before registration for verification and confirmation. Scholarship, grant and loan checks must be forwarded directly to the Financial Aid Office for delivery to the Business and Finance Office before registration.
  • Federal Work-Study and University Work-Aid provide part-time employment to eligible students. These programs are considered self-help and compensation is earned when the student performs the work. The University must pay the student compensation for work performed.
  • If the University obtains written authorization, the University can pay the student compensation by crediting the student’s account to satisfy current award year charges. Students may elect to participate in the University Work Program - Student Account Deduction Program and provide the University the written authorization to credit compensation to his/her account.

Students receiving outside employer tuition assistance benefits are expected to meet his/her financial obligations at the time of registration.

Eligible dependent students and/or spouses receiving Saint Augustine’s University tuition remission must submit the Tuition Remission Form for approval before registration. Faculty and Staff requesting to attend classes must submit the Request to Attend Class Form for approval before registration.

  • All individual expenses incurred by the student in an emergency or otherwise will be billed to the student’s account and must be paid immediately.
  • Students are encouraged to obtain adequate insurance coverage for loss or damage to personal property.
  • Students officially withdrawn, suspended or expelled are subject to Title IV and other refund policies. Failure to initiate or complete the proper forms at the time of withdrawal, suspension, or expulsion will affect the date of withdrawal.
  • Students who fail to register during the pre-registration period must pay a late registration fee. A late registration fee is also charged when financial clearance for registration is received after the close of the regular registration period.
  • A student’s room assignment is cancelled if the housing deposit payment is returned for insufficient funds or otherwise. A new Housing Application and deposit will be required.

All charges are subject to verification and correction.
All rates and fees are subject to change.

Veterans Education Benefits Students

All eligible VA Education and Training students are required to meet St. Augustine’s tuition and fee expense obligations in the same manner as non-VA students.  This includes the following programs:

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill - Chapter 33  
  • Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB-AD, MGIB-SR) - Chapter 30 & Chapter 1606
  • Survivors and Dependents Assistance (DEA and Fry Scholarship) - Chapter 35
  • Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) - Chapter 31

Note: This requirement does not apply to Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) - Chapter 31 students.


Books and Supplies

Cash, checks, or credit cards can be used for campus bookstore purchases. Textbooks are purchased online through a vendor (MBS).  Textbook vouchers are approved based on the student’s awards.  The textbook vouchers can only be used through the indicated vendor.  If the voucher is not being used, students may used any vendor.

  1.     To purchase books using Saint Augustine’s University book voucher, MBS Book Vendor will email voucher ID to student’s Saint Augustine’s University email address. 
    •  Note: The voucher IDs are random ID numbers.  They are also based on the specific student’s number of semester hours. 
    •  Once the voucher amount is exhausted, student is responsible for balance and additional purchases.
  2.     Once a student receives their voucher ID, they can then log in to the MBS site, per the following link: 
  3.     After they have logged in, the student can then select their choice of books. Options include: New, Used, Digital (e-book) or Rental. 
    • Note: If a digital textbook is chosen, student must take special note and verify with their professor that this is acceptable choice. A student must pay particular attention as digital (e-books) are NOT refundable. 
    • Upon confirmation that a digital textbook (e-book) is acceptable with the professor, the student must ensure they possess a compatible device (personal computer/MAC, tablet or smartphone) capable of accessing and reading the digital (e-book) on demand. Students are advised to test their device capability prior to this type of textbook selection. 
    • If a student chooses the rental option, their voucher cannot be used. This option is available for credit cards only and has to be coordinated directly with MBS. 
  4.     Within seventy-two (72) hours of book selection, MBS will ship book order(s) to Saint Augustine’s University. 
  5.     When books have arrived at the campus store, campus store personnel will email students informing them that their books have arrived.  
  6.     After students have received their email indicating book arrival, they can then proceed to the campus store to retrieve their books. Each student must show their SAU Student ID to retrieve books.
  7.     If a student has received all books for their courses, there may be specific instances whereby textbooks for certain classes may not be required. If this is the case, the student should: 1) verify with their professor that the textbook in question will not be required at any time for the course and 2) if a new book has been ordered, it must remain in the original wrapping. 
  8.     Note: Removing the textbook wrapping changes the classification from “new” to “used”.  This immediately changes the book resale value. 
  9.     If all conditions have been met where the textbook is not required and the student chooses not to keep the book, the student has the option to return the book(s) to MBS for refund. The student however, will have the responsibility of paying all shipping and handling fees. 
    • Note: If the student desires to return books (new books must be sealed in original wrapping), they have two time sensitive options based on which occurs later:
      • Option 1: Twenty-one (21) days from placement of the original order or
      • Option 2: Two (2) weeks after the 1st day of class.
    • If books have not been returned within these timeframes, the books become the property of the student and no refund will be available. 
  10.      If at any point during the process the student has questions, they should contact:
    • For Books - Professor
    • For Business Office Approval (BOA) - Business/Finance Office - (919) 516 - 4574
    • Course Schedule - Advisor
    • Voucher ID - MBS - (800) 325 - 3252
    • Issues with MBS website - Saint Augustine’s University Bookstore (919) 516 - 4037

Deferred Payment Plan

The University offers deferred payment plans on a semester basis. The non-refundable Deferred Payment Plan Enrollment Fee must be paid at approval of the agreement and may not be charged to the student’s account. Terms and conditions are outlined on the agreement. The accompanying Payment Plan Statement details payment amounts and due dates.

Payments not received by the due date will be considered late and the account will be charged a late fee. Upon default, any outstanding balance together with fees charged to the student’s account becomes immediately due and payable.

Refund and Withdrawal Policies

When a student withdraws before completing more than 60% of the payment period or semester, the student is subject to withdrawal calculations for refund and return of Title IV and other aid and adjustment to educational charges. The University is responsible for calculating the percentage and amount of aid assistance that the student did not earn and return those funds to the programs.

The refund schedule for each semester is publicized through the University media. The refund schedule is subject to change due to federal regulations and/or changes in University policy.

Any student who drops a course(s) after the last day to add/drop will not receive an adjustment in charges or financial aid.

Room fees, once incurred, are not refundable. Board charges are refunded on a prorated basis, from the last day of the week the student leaves school, or moves out of campus housing.

Title IV Credit Balance Refund Policy

When the University applies Title IV funds to a student’s school account and determines that the amount of funds exceeds allowable charges the University assessed, the University must pay the credit balance directly to the student or parent borrower as soon as possible, but no later than the 14-day deadline prescribed below. The only exception is when the University has the student’s permission to hold a credit balance.

The University must pay a credit balance directly to a student borrower or parent borrower within 14 days of:

  • the date the balance occurs, if it occurs after the first day of class of a payment period; or
  • the first day of class of payment period, if the balance occurs on or before the first day of class of that payment period; or
  • the date the University receives the student’s or parent’s cancellation of the University’s authorization to hold a Title IV credit balance.
  • Credit balance refund disbursements are distributed in the University Cashier’s Office and made payable to the student unless otherwise indicated.


It is a privilege for a person to operate a motor vehicle on the campus. Each student, faculty, and staff member must agree to comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the University. The University reserves the right to withdraw motor vehicle parking privileges from any person. Freshmen students are not allowed to register cars on campus. Upperclassmen desiring to operate and park vehicles on campus are required to register their vehicles with the University’s Department of Campus Police and Safety. Students must purchase a decal each semester and provide proof of ownership. A vehicle is not registered until a valid decal is displayed on the vehicle. Motorcycles, motorbikes, and scooters are not allowed on campus. Bicycles must also be registered with the Department of Campus Police and Safety and the bicyclist must adhere to prescribed rules and regulations.

Parking citations will be strictly enforced. Violators of campus parking privileges who receive four or more citations in one semester will lose their privilege to park on campus. Moving violations that are potentially dangerous, such as speeding and reckless driving, are subject to disciplinary action in addition to any citation fines levied. Fines for traffic and parking violations vary, depending on the offense. Citations must be paid in the Cashier’s Office and violators must conform to the directions on the citation. Failure to do so will subject the violators to additional citations, fines and penalties.

Saint Augustine’s University reserves the right to tow vehicles off campus at the owner’s expense, if they are found improperly parked on campus, or in areas potentially dangerous to safety (i.e. fire lanes, fire hydrants, traffic lanes, dumpster areas)

Neither Saint Augustine’s University nor its employees assume any responsibility for loss from theft or damage to vehicles parked in university parking areas or operated on the campus. The University urges automobile owners to acquire and maintain adequate insurance to cover such losses.

2016-2017 Tuition & Fees Schedule

(2017-2018 Tuition & Fees subject to change)

Annual Costs Fall Spring Total
Tuition (Full-time)* $ 6,445 $ 6,445 $ 12,890
Mandatory Fees 2,500 2,500 5,000
Tuition and Fees 8,945 8,945 17,890
Room Charge** 1,591 1,591 3,182
Board 2,255 2,255 4,510
Room and Board 3,846 3,846 7,692
Total Tuition, Fees, Room and Board $ 12,791 $ 12,791 $ 25,582

Other Fees

Enrollment Deposit*** $100 new students only
Housing Deposit*** $100 per year - returning students
Non-Pre-Registration Fee $100 per semester
Late Registration Fee $100 per semester
Deferred Payment Plan Fee*** $75 per semester
Late Deferred Payment Fee $25 per occurrence
Graduation Fee $125

Residence Hall Surcharges

Boyer Hall $100 per semester
Weston Hall $100 per semester
Falkcrest Apartments (Includes single room surcharge) $700 per semester
Single Room Surcharge (All Residence Halls) $500 per semester

Other Charges

ID Card Replacement $25
Immunization Fee $80
Parking Permit Student $30 per semester
Residence Hall Key or Core Replacement Up to $250
Transcript Fee (No personal checks accepted) $5 regular service
  $7 same day service

* Students who carry more than 18 hours pay an overload charge of $547 per credit hour. Students with less than twelve (12) hours are charged based on a part-time rate of $745 per credit hour ($537 per credit hour tuition plus $208 per credit hour fees). Limited courses are subject to additional fees.

** Room charges vary based on the residence hall selected. Each resident is charged $125 per semester for telephone and cable service.

*** Non-refundable fees.

Other Important Financial Information

The total amount for a semester is due at registration. Students with outstanding balances will not be allowed to register. Students are expected to meet their financial obligations promptly and without notice from the Office of Business and Finance. The University reserves the right to withhold services and accommodations, deny transcript requests, and/or place the student on financial suspension if payments are not made as required.

Payments may be made by cash, check, money order or the following credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

The non-refundable Deferred Payment Plan Fee must be paid at approval of the agreement. Payments are due as indicated on the agreement. Late payments are assessed a $25 late payment fee.

Students attending the University under the provisions of Department of Veteran Affairs, GI Bill Programs are responsible for meeting their expenses at registration.

Students who officially withdraw, are suspended, or are expelled are subject to the return of Title IV and other financial aid according to published refund policies.

Room charges are non-refundable. Students who register boarding and subsequently change to non-boarding will receive an adjustment for unused board only. Board charges are refunded on a prorated basis, from the last day of the week the student leaves school, or moves out of campus housing.

All individual expenses incurred by a student, in an emergency, or otherwise, will be billed to the student’s account and must be paid immediately. Students are encouraged to obtain adequate insurance coverage for loss or damage of personal property. The University does not insure a student’s personal property.

Each fall and spring semester, full-time students in the traditional programs will receive a $500 book allowance. Any unused portion of this book allowance is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Part-time students in the traditional programs will receive a book allowance on a prorated basis. The book allowance is for textbooks only in the MBS Textbook Exchange.  SAU Campus Store vouchers are available and will be issued cotingent upon eligibility and approval.