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2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Political Science, BA (CIP 45.1001)

The political science major includes 15 credit hours to explore each of the major areas in the discipline..  Students must choose at least one course from each of the groups listed below.  An additional 12 credit hours of coursework is unrestricted by group, but must still come from this list.  Finally, there are 18 hours of free electives that can be used for any course on campus.  We encourage you to use these to complete a minor that will enhance your political science training and experiences.

Political Theory

  • Political Ideologies
  • Classic Political Theory 
  • Black Electoral Politics
  • Black Political Theory and Behavior

American Institutions (AmInst)

  • American National Government
  • American State and Local Government
  • American Executive Process
  • American Legislative Process
  • American Judicial Process
  • Constitutional Law

Upper Electives

  • Civil Rights/Race Politics
  • Black Leadership, Organization, and Movements
  • Quantitative Applications 
  • Special Topics in Political Science

International Relations (IR)

  • Comparative Politics
  • Government of Developing States
  • International Relations

Public Policy (PPS)

  • Introduction to Public Policy
  • Administration & Management of the Public Enterprise
  • Race and Gender in American Politics
  • Policy Analysis
  • Health Disparities in America:  Public Policy Implications
  • Public Policy

Pre-law Minor

The following six courses can be taken with any other program of study on campus.  It is recommended that they be accomplished in the following order.

1.    Legal Terminology and Research
2.    Trial Advocacy
3.    American Judicial Process
4.    Constitutional Law
5.    Internship
6.    Public Policy


The following outline of courses details requirements for the Bachelor Arts in Political Science. Meeting graduation requirements is the responsibility of the student. Refer to the catalog for curricular specifics and a complete listing of required and elective courses and descriptions.  

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study includes Major Requirements (Core Requirements, Supporting Courses, and Free Electives) and the University General Education Program Requirements.

Major Requirements (45)

Include Major Core Requirements and Supporting Courses


Students must earn a “C” or higher in ALL courses in the major.

Core Requirements (42)

Supporting Course (3)

Foreign Language II or elective

Free Electives (18)

Free elective hours may be used for a concentration or a minor.

Degree Totals

University GEP 58  
Major Requirements 63  

Total Degree Hours: 121

General Education Program Requirements 52 - 58 Credit Hours

University GEP Core Requirements: Minimum of fifty-two (52) hours is required of all students. Students who enter as a first-time freshman must take an entrance assessment. Students will be assessed in core competency areas at the end of each academic year. A minimum grade of “C” is required in English (ENGL 131, ENGL 132, ENGL 150, LIS 150) and Mathematics (MATH 131 & MATH 132).


First Year Experience - 4 credits

Freshmen are required to complete the First Year Experience classes in their first two semesters.

Communication 12 - 18 credits

Written and Oral Communication Definition:

Written and Oral Communicationis the ability to impart and interchange information of ideas within a meaningful context using varioud rhetorical modes such as descriptive, informative, analytical and argumentative writing.

All students are required to take ENGL 131 or ENGL 131L, ENGL 132, COMM 201, and one foreign language at the 132 level or higher. Some students will be required to take ENGL 150 and LIS 150.

Spiritual Development - 3 credit

Critical thinking is characterized by the comprehensive exploration of issues, ideas, artifacts, and events before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion. Spiritual development is the ability to understand diverse religions and to develop positive spiritual growth.

Health and Wellness - 5 credits

Ability to understand, develop and adopt positive behaviors and life strategies that promote physical, mental, emotional, social well-being.

STEM Literacy 13-15 credits

Mathematics 6-8 credits

Students are required to take at least six credit hours of mathematics. Note 1: STEM majors are recommended to take MATH 135 and MATH 231. Note 2: Accounting and Business majors are recommended to take MATH 135 and either MATH 224 or MATH 231. All other majors can satisfy mathematics requirements by taking  MATH 131 and MATH 132.  

Humanities - 9 credits

Choose one History course (3) and two Fine Art courses from different disciplines (i.e., ART and FIM).  Students majoring in the arts must take fine art courses outside of their major.

Pre-Law Minor, Political Science

General Education Requirements for Pre-Law Minor, Political Science
Students must pass 47 hours of general education requirements for the College. Students will follow the guidelines in the Course Catalog (2006-2008 and subsequent catalogs) with the following exceptions:

Social Science Discipline
No choice. Students must take SOC 132 - Introduction to Sociology .

Total Pre-Law Minor, Political Science Core Courses: 60 Hours *

*All courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better.

Minor - History or Political Science: 18 Hours

Grand Total History/Pre-law or Political Concentration: 121 Hours