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2013-2015 Catalog 
2013-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Journalism & Mass Communication - Print Concentration, BA

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A student who intends to major in Communication must earn at least two B’s and a C in the three required communications courses – ENGL 131 , ENGL 132 , and COMM 201 - Communication Skills  - by the end of the sophomore year. The minimum overall grade point average for students to be admitted into the Journalism and Mass Communication major is 2.0.

Print Concentration

The program is designed to prepare students to become skillful reporters, researchers, and writers for print media, including newspapers and magazines. The course of study provides both theoretical studies and hands-on experience with computer-based editing equipment. Additionally, students will have opportunities to gain work-related experience in the mass media.


The following outline of courses details the 120 credit hours required for the Bachelor Arts in JMC Print Concentration. Meeting graduation requirements is the responsibility of the student. Refer to the catalog for curricular specifics and a complete listing of required and elective courses and descriptions. Students must earn “C” or better in all “TEP” courses.

Plan of Study

University Requirements Transformative Education Program Core Competencies

Wellness (10)

And 2 (1) Activity Courses

  • PE (1)
  • PE (1)
  • Wellness (3)
Civic Engagement (3)

STEM & Quantitative Literacy (10)

  • STEM/LAB (4)
  • QUAN (3)
  • TECH (3)
Servant Leadership (3)

Teamwork (3) ^

^ Note: May take this course outside of the major.

Artistic Literacy (3) +

+NOTE: Must select a course outside their major.

Global Perspective (3)

Major Requirements including TEP Major Hours (48)

Students must earn a “C” or higher in ALL courses in the major.

Major Electives (9) (outside concentration)

  • COMM
  • COMM
  • COMM
Capstone (3)

Free Electives (17)

Degree Totals

FYE 102   2  
University TEP 77  
TEP Major Hours (24)  
Major Hours 24  
Free Electives 17  
Total Degree Hours: 120

Course Sequence

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Total Credits: 17

Second Semester

Total Credits: 15

Junior Year

First Semester

Total Credits: 16

Second Semester

Total Credits: 15

Senior Year

Total Credits: 13

Second Semester

Total Credits: 14

Total Degree Hours: 120

Transformation Education Program Acronyms

WC: Written  Communication OC: Oral Communication
FL: Foreign Language & Sign Language AW: Advanced Writing
CT: Critical Thinking ID: Identity
WEL: Wellness SCL: Science with Lab
QL: Math TECH: Computer Technology
CE: Civic Engagement GP: Global Perspective
SL: Servant Leadership TW: Teamwork
IC: Innovation & Creativity AL: Artistic Literacy
CAP: Capstone  

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