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2021-2023 University Catalog 
2021-2023 University Catalog

Religious Studies, BA (CIP 38.0001)

The purpose of this degree is to equip adult learners who are pastors, ministers, deacons, elders or in some leadership capacity in their local church, to gain practical and academic insights into the work of the ministry.

All of the faculty members who teach in this program are practitioner professors who are involved in some level of ministerial leadership or have a level of exceptional expertise that uniquely qualifies them to train people to do the work of the ministry.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Students will be able to use empathetic listening skills
  2. Students will be able to demonstrate at least one major area of study within Religious Studies
  3. Students will be able to apply research methods to their major interest within Religious Studies
  4. Students will be able to analyze ambiguous text material

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study includes Major Requirements (Core Requirements, Supporting Courses and Electives) and the University General Education Program Requirements.  All students are required to take LIS 150 - Critical Writing Seminar.

Degree Totals

Major Requirements          69                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
University GEP 51  


Total Degree Hours (120)

General Education Program Requirements 42 Credit Hours

University GEP Core Requirements: Minimum of forty-two (42) hours is required. Students who enter as a first-time freshman must take an entrance assessment.  A minimum grade of “C” is required in English (ENGL 131, ENGL 132, COMM 201) and Mathematics (MATH 131).  Students that have course requirements waived must satisfy the MINIMUM required hours of 120 in order to graduate.



First and Second-Year Experience - 4 credits

Freshmen are required to complete the First Year and Second Year Experience classes.

Communication Skills - 9 Credits

Written and Oral Communication Definition:

Written and Oral Communications is the ability to impart and interchange information of ideas within a meaningful context using various rhetorical modes such as descriptive, informative, analytical and argumentative writing.

All students are required to take ENGL 131, ENGL 132, COMM 201. Some students will be required to take ENGL 150 and LIS 150.

Spiritual Development - 3 credits

Critical thinking is characterized by the comprehensive exploration of issues, ideas, artifacts, and events before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion. Spiritual development is the ability to understand diverse religions and to develop positive spiritual growth.

Health and Wellness - 4 credits

Ability to understand, develop and adopt positive behaviors and life strategies that promote physical, mental, emotional, social well-being.

STEM - 7 credits

Science - 4 credits

Student must take one science course with lab (3 credit + 1 credit) = 4 credits required.

Note that STEM majors will take BIOL 133 + Lab and CHEM 141 + Lab.

Mathematics - 3 credits

Students are required to take three credit hours of mathematics (MATH 131 or higher). Note 1: STEM majors are required to take MATH 135 and MATH 231. Note 2: Accounting and Business majors are required to take MATH 135 and either MATH 224 or MATH 231. All other majors can satisfy mathematics requirements by taking  MATH 131 and MATH 132 or MATH 174.  

Social Science - 3 credits

History - 3 credits

Fine Arts - 3 credits

Any 100/200 level course from the following subjects:

  • ART
  • FIM
  • MUS or 
  • THE

Behavioral Science - 3 credits

Any 100/200 level PSYCH, SOC or CJ course 

World Languages - 3 credits

FL _ 131 or higher (3)