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2021-2023 University Catalog 
2021-2023 University Catalog

Department of Extended Studies

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The mission of “The Department of Extended Studies” is to offer non-traditional, continuing and alternative academic educational opportunities for adult learners.   The Department of Extended Studies is designed to give working, non- traditional and community University transfer students an option to pursue a degree and/or personal/professional development.

Scheduling of courses, academic content, the teaching/learning style, accessibility and convenience characterize the non-traditional educational programs which help adult learners cope with the pressures of life, including those of home and work, while completing their educational goals and objectives.  These academic programs address the learning needs of employed adults who prefer an educational delivery system that is participatory and experientially related to the workplace. An example of an educational program consistent with the lifelong learning philosophy is the Organizational Management (OM) major, which is offered through The Department of Extended Studies. This unique program offers an ideal alternative academic opportunity for the employed adult to complete the Bachelor of Science degree in an accelerated format while attending classes during the evening and weekend. The Organizational Management major enables adult learners to develop:

• Interpersonal skills;

• Written and oral communication skills;

• Problem-solving and decision-making skills;

• An understanding of research techniques and applications;

• Self-knowledge and self-image growth; and

• Self-reliance and leadership skills.

Admission Policies for the Department of Extended Studies

Advisory Admissions Committee for the Adult Degree Completion Program

The main purpose of this committee is to monitor the various policies and processes established for the degree completion program. The Committee is comprised of the Provost, Division Dean, and the Registrar.

Admission Policies

Adult learners must have earned a high school diploma or GED Certificate. Credits placed on an adult learner’s transcript upon entry into the degree completion program are those with a grade of “C” or above. The adult learner’s previous grade point average and credits below the level of C are not considered in the admissions process, and are not shown on the transcript that will become the official record of the adult learner’s performance in the University’s degree completion program.    Adult learners, who have transferable credits from accredited University and universities that correspond with the General Education and Elective requirements of the Organizational Management Plan of Study are able to complete their bachelor’s degree from Saint Augustine’s University in approximately 3 semesters.  

Note: Adult learners who formerly attended SAU will be considered as returning adult learner admitted into the Extended Studies Program.

Adult learners who do not have corresponding credits to meet the General Education and Elective requirements of the OM Plan of Study must recognize that additional time beyond the major coursework will be required for degree completion;

• In order to earn a Bachelor’s Degree from   Saint Augustine’s University, adult learners admitted into the Extended Studies Program must meet all of the graduation requirements as published in the University’s Catalog including, but not limited to, General Education requirements and the minimum total number of credit hours; and

• Adult learners must have three to five years of progressive work experience with supervisory and/or program development responsibilities and be age 21 or older.  The Admissions Committee for the degree completion programs will consider any exceptions to the admissions policies.

Admission Requirements

The University requires all freshmen and transfer students with less than twenty- four (24) semester hours of transferable credit to meet all freshman requirements including the Freshman Studies course.

  • Have official transcripts from high school, GED, or each college or university attended sent to the Office of Admissions, 1315 Oakwood Avenue, Raleigh NC 27610.
  • Saint Augustine’s University application fee
  • Criminal background report
  • Student insurance waiver if insurance holder
  • Completed FAFSA
  • Copy of Social Security card



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