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2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Humanities

The mission for the Department of Humanities, through its four majors - English, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts - is to offer a quality program while simultaneously providing a supportive and collaborative learning environment. There is also a religious studies minor. Students can expand their intellectual and cultural horizons, realize their creative potential, and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to help them build successful careers and make meaningful contributions to the world.   

The goals of the Department of Humanities are for students to:

1) Develop insight into humanity via a wide-ranging exploration of art, literature, music and theatre;

2) Emerge with the ability to read with comprehension, write and speak with clarity and correctness and articulate ideas and opinions and

3) Conduct independent research in a humanities discipline.

Majors in the Department of Humanities
  • Visual Arts, BA (Visual Arts - Graphics - Concentration, BA (CIP 50.0701) ; Visual Arts - Studio Concentration, BA (CIP 50.0701) )
    • The mission of the Visual Arts program is to prepare competent professionals in the visual arts.  Specifically, the program assists in the development of sensitive and perceptive arts professionals who are aware of the growing interdependence of all the arts disciplines, preparing graduates with competence and understanding of practical and theoretical aspects of the visual arts; and acquaint students with the professional demands of careers in the arts.
  • English, BA (CIP 23.0101)  
    • The English Department at Saint Augustine’s University is devoted to the critical study of literature and language, and the study of creative expression of many kinds, including film and other media. The department joins critics, scholars, and artists in an environment that fosters interactive learning and teaching, with extensive opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty mentors, in small and energetic classroom settings. Students will also have the opportunity to attend conferences, poetry readings, and pursue extracurricular activities that will give them access to a challenging world beyond the brick and mortar classroom.
  • Music, BA (CIP 50.0901)   
    • The mission of the music program is to provide a program of study in which the student can acquire appropriate knowledge, skills, behaviors, as well as enhance their creative potential to the extent that successful careers are realized.


  • Theatre, BA (CIP 50.0599)   
    • The Bachelor of Arts in theatre is a comprehensive degree with an emphasis in performance. Students gain academic knowledge and develop analytical skills from the critical study of classical and contemporary plays. Students develop their art while learning the crafts of directing, dramatic writing, and acting for the stage with opportunities to perform in student produced films. Practical experience is gained through active participation in theatrical productions, master classes, and internships.  Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or a minor in theatre.

Minors in the Department of Humanities