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2021-2023 University Catalog 
2021-2023 University Catalog

School of Arts, Social Sciences, and Communications

School of Arts, Social Sciences, and Communication


The mission of the School of Arts, Social Sciences, and Communications is to motivate, equip and develop students to become globally attuned, socially aware, and cosmopolitan in outlook; to integrate twenty-first-century technology with human compassion; to bring about positive change in the world; to challenge, prepare and motivate students to excel and compete globally and nationally; and, to prepare students for graduate and professional studies in the global workforce. We encourage a life-long passion for learning and a quest for knowledge by providing an environment that fosters academic excellence and unfettered inquiry. The school consists of the Department of Arts and Communications, the Department of Psychology and Social Science, and the Department of Criminal Justice.

Degree Programs

The School of Arts, Social Sciences, and Communications offers 11 traditional degree programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in:

  • Communications

    • ​Communications - Broadcast Concentration, BA (CIP 09.0402 
    • Communications - Digital Journalism Concentration, BA (CIP 09.0799) 
    • Communications - Strategic Communication Concentration, BA (CIP 09.0900) 
  • ​Visual Arts

    • Visual Arts - Graphics - Concentration, BA (CIP 50.0701) 
    • Visual Arts - Studio Concentration, BA (CIP 50.0701) 
  • Theatre, BA (CIP 50.0599) 
  • Music, BA (CIP 50.0901) 
  • Film, BA (CIP 50.0601) 
  • Political Science, BA (CIP 45.1001) 
  • Psychology, BA (CIP 42.0101) 
  • Sociology, BA (CIP 45.1101) 

The School of Arts, Social Sciences, and Communications offers one traditional degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in:

Criminal Justice, BS (CIP 43.0104) 

Through the Department of Extended Studies, which offers programs for non-traditional students, the School offers the Bachelor of Science Degree in:

Criminal Justice, BS (CIP 43.0104) 

The student, with the assistance of an assigned advisor, is responsible for selecting coursework that will satisfy both the University’s General Education Program requirements and the requirements of the chosen degree program.

Academic Advisement
  • ·       Each student will be assigned an advisor in his/her major;
  • ·       Each student will be provided with a plan of study;
  • ·       Each student will be expected to meet with his/her advisor at least once each semester for the purpose of pre-registration and review of academic progress/standing;
  • ·       Each student will be responsible for monitoring compliance with his/her plan of study and meeting all academic requirements; and
  • ·       Each student must complete 90 earned credit hours before applying for graduation.
Student Organizations

The School of Arts, Social, Sciences, and Communications sponsor the following student organizations:

  • ·       Alpha Phi Sigma, National Criminal Justice Honor Society
  • ·       Pi Gamma Mu, International Honor Society in Social Sciences
  • ·       National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE)
  • ·       Falcon Film Club
  • ·       Alpha Psi Omega, National Theatre Honor Society
  • ·       The Falcon Forum Campus Newspaper
  • ·       Active Minds (Psychology Club)
  • ·       Sociology Club
  • ·       SAU Association of Black Journalists
School of Arts, Social Sciences, and Communications Full-Time Faculty

Colin Adams, M.A., Assistant Professor, Psychology

Marnie Arkenberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychology

Michael Bissinger, M.A., Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

Linda Dallas, M.P.D., Assistant Professor, Visual Arts

Alfred Davis, M.A., Assistant Professor, Music

Kaye Celeste Evans, Ph.D., Department Chair, Associate Professor, Theatre

Dessalines Ford, M.A., Choir Director, Music

Jonathan Glenn, Ph.D., Department Chair, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Elizabeth Fournier, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Political Science 

Janet Gustafson, B.A., Staff, Dept. of Arts and Communications

Dan Holly, M.S., Assistant Professor, Communications

George Jack, M.F.A., Associate Professor, Theatre

E. Ophelia Johnson, M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Film

James Lyons, M.S. Dean, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice   

Alpha Njai, M.A., Assistant Professor, Sociology 

Phillip Page, M.A., Assistant Professor, Communications and Film

B. Renee Robinson, M.S., Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice 

Dan Trigoboff, Ph.D., J.D., Assistant Professor, Communications

Virginia Tyler, M.F.A., Associate Professor, Visual Arts

Patrick Webb, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Criminal Justice 





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